Focused on the scalable production of specialty plant compounds with the most value to the drug discovery and research reagent markets

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Welcome to Nature West Inc.

The mission of Nature West, Inc. is to exploit the chemical biodiversity of plants as “factories” for producing compounds with applications in the pharmaceuitical, nutraceutical/dietary supplement, cosmeceutical, research reagent, and agrochemical markets.

Nature West, Inc. is a biotech company founded in 2005 based in Jonesboro AR. Nature West’s pioneering technology uses a plant root culture production platform to produce a large suite of plant compounds that have potential application to human health and wellness.


Exclusive Products

Nature West Inc is an exclusive manufacturer of natural analogues of Resveratrol – Arachidin-1 and Arachidin-3, as well as stilbenes.
In accordance with the patented technology, used by the Company, those compounds are mainly produced from hairy root cultures of peanut.

In spite of the fact that Resveratrol is well-known among the scientists as a powerful antioxidant with the outstanding health benefits, its natural derivatives, Arachidin-1 and Arachidin-3, have shown higher biological properties and stronger health benefits:

  • Arachidins have significantly higher biological activity and metabolic stability
  • Arachidins demonstrate higher antioxidant and neuroprotection activity
  • Arachidins possess greater potential to be developed as an anticancer agents
  • Arachidins may help to control drug addiction
  • Arachidins may have weight-control properties
  • Arachidins antifungal properties are more powerful

Potential Markets

  • Research Reagents
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements
  • Cosmeceuticals


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– Transgenic plants for the production of high-value human proteins targeted for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapeutics.
– Designing molecular-based high throughput diagnostics for plant and food industries.
– Characterizing plant gene promoter occupancy in planta in efforts to design more robust promoters for expression of human proteins in transgenic plants.

2211 E. Highland Drive Jonesboro, AR 72401